Jenny Karezi as I Knew Her

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In his fifteenth book, Zachos Hadjifotiou tells us about his three-and-a-half year marriage to the great actress Jenny Karezi.

"This book was not written as a biography of Jenny Karezi", writes the author in his introduction. "I wrote it to honour her memory – the memory of unforgettable Jenny, with her overflowing talent, her unique beauty and her unwavering integrity. I do not write about her life, nor do I write hymns to her career. I limit myself to the three-and-a--half years we were married, young and carefree as we were then, without problems, and happy; years that, apart from the joy of living, were also crucial to her successful career."

Written in Zachos Hadjifotiou’s familiar, pleasant style, gentle and with a sense of humour, Jenny Karezi as I Knew Her is a genuine hymn, a valuable testament to the private life of the great actress during an important part of her life, while, at the same time, celebrated personalities of the social and cultural scene of Athens in the 60s parade through its pages.

  • ISBN 9604100831