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The Karaiskaki Stadium is located in Neo Faliro, Piraeus. It is the home ground for the football section of the Olympiakos sports club. The stadium is named after Georgios Karaiskakis, hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821 for national independence.

It was used during the 1896 Summer Olympics as a velodrome where Frenchman Paul Masson took the three track cycling gold medals and was known as the "Velodrome" ("Podilatodromio") until 1939 when it received its present name.

The Stadium was renovated during in 1964 and again in 2004 into a 33,334 capacity all seater stadium ready for the football competition of the 2004 Summer Olympics.

The last renovation took a record time of only 14 months, finishing just in time for the Olympic Games.

After the last deal ended in 1998, Olympiakos are now using the stadium once again, on loan from 2003 and until 2052 and is traditionally labelled as the club's true home. The ticket sales average higher than any team's in recent decades for the National A Division history and are not expected to drop in the forseeable future.

Sales for national team matches have also been impressively higher, but this is for the most part due to Greece's success in Euro 2004

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