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Kondariotissa (Greek: Κονταριώτισσα), also Kontariotissa, rarely Kountouriotissa (Κουντουριώτισσα) is a village, in Northern Greece. It is located in Pieria prefecture, south of the capital, Katerini. Its population is 1,981 (2001 est.). The nearest intrechange with GR-1 lies to the east. The main occupation of the people is cultivating tobacco. In it are the headquarters of the municipality of Dion, Macedonia (Dimos Diou), until January 1, 1999, Dion was a non-municipal community. One of the main places that worth visiting is the Byzantine church of the Virgin Mary (Naos Kimiseos Theotokou). The settlement dates back to ancient times and was known as Pieris (Greek: Πιερίς) where the name Pieria originates from the ancient tribes of Pieris. The genus name Pieris also originates from the slopey area within this area. The name became known as Kondariotissa around the Medieval times.

The main economy for about 2,000 people are mainly tobacco. On July 1, 2002, a hailstorm devastated crops and farmlands which ruined a large part of its production. Today, most of its habitants are breeders.


  • Location:
    • Longitude: 22.46 (22°27'46") E
    • Latitude: 40.225 (40°13'36") N
  • Postal code: 601 00
  • Elevation: 60 m
  • Dialing code: +11+30-23510 (030-23510)

Historical population

Year Population Change
1981 1,390 -
1991 1,717 -
2001 1,981 -


Kondariotissa has a small kindergarten school, a school, a church, town hall and a square (plateia).

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