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Kordelio is the Greek name of modern-day Karsiyaka, Turkey.

The name "Kordelio" is said to derive from Coeur de lion as Crusader knights built a monastery nearby. Its official name in Greek was Peraia or Pera Meria (place that lies across), which translates into Karsiyaka in Turkish, as it lies across from Smyrna, to its NW. On its eastern side it borders Bournova.

The population of Kordelio, prior to the Asia Minor disaster, was 15,000 - mostly Greeks. Unlike Smyrna, Kordelio was left intact when the Turkish troops entered it in September 1922. Much of its old charm remains to this day.

In modern times Kordelio has become an independent municipality and its population has increased greatly. It boasts of the Karsiyaka football club.

Kordelio is remembered today by Greeks of Asia Minor ancestry thanks to several old songs that make mention of it ("Αραμπάς περνά", "Τί σε μέλλει εσένανε") as well as songs written after 1922 ("Κορδελιώτισσα", "Πήρε φωτιά το Κορδελιό").