Kostas Papakostas

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Kostas Papakostas is a Cypriot military man and politician.

Papakostas was born in Agia Trias, Ammochostos province, Cyprus, in 1939. He studied in Military School in Greece with graduate studies in Germany and the US.

Papakostas took part in the EOKA struggle of 1955 - 1959. Following Cyprus' independence, he served in the National Guard for 17 years and fought during the 1963 - 1964 intercommunal crisis as well as the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus. He arose to the rank of Lt Colonel.

In 1978, Papakostas was seconded to the Police Force and arose to the rank of Deputy Chief. He resigned in January 1996 and, in May of that same year, was first elected to the Cyprus House of Representatives under the banner of AKEL.

On February 29, 2008, Papakostas was appointed Minister of National Defence, a position he held until August 5, 2011.