Leo Sgouros

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Leo Sgouros (Greek: Λέων Σγουρός) was the Lord of Corinth from 1200 until 1208.

He was born before 1170 in Nafplio, a son of a wealthy family. His father, Theodoros Sgouros was the Ruler of Nafplio (1180-1200) and Lord of Argos (1189-1200). Leo took over from his father. According to some, he was a Byzantine General, others describe him as tyrant. He was probably an independent ruler of Corinth.

Leo Sgouros fought and was defeated by the invading crusaders in Thermopylae[1], and was constantly fighting against Frankish domination until the day he died.

In 1204, he offered asylum to Alexios III Angelos and his family in exchange, he married Alexios' daughter, Eudokia Angelos, becoming her third husband. (Eudokia died ca. 1211).

James d'Avesnes commanded the force which held Sgouros blockaded in Acrocorinth, where in 1208, he killed himself by riding off the top of Acrocorinth to avoid capture.


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