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Lixouri (Greek, Modern: Ληξούρι, Ancient/Katharevousa: -on) is the main city on the peninsula of Paliki in the island of Kefalonia, in the Ionian Sea of western Greece. The ancient name of the town is Paliki. Lixouri is the second largest community in Kefalonia after Argostoli and before Sami and is the capital of the small peninsula. Lixouri is linked with numerous road linking to other parts of the peninsula and to Kardakata. Lixouri is located south of Fiskardo and west of Argostoli. Lixouri has a small port linking ferry services that is used for vehicles under 5 tons with Argostoli which is overlooked as well as the central part of the island to the east.

Historical population

Year Population Change
1981 3,004 - -
1991 3,181 177/58.92% -
2001 3,610 439/13.8% 7,836


The oldest document which contains the name "Lixouri" is sent in 1534 by local authorities to the Senate of Venice. Many houses were destroyed in the earthquakes on January 23rd 1867 and in August 1953.


Lixouri has a few schools and few lyceums or middle schools, a few gymnasia or high schools and a college. The public library is located at the Iakovateios building. Since 2003 Lixouri has also a theatre.

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