May 23

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  • 1902: Chrysostom (later of Smyrna) was appointed Bishop of Drama
  • 1910: A hail storm in Domokos, Phthiotis prefecture, destroys several roof tops, kills many animals and causes over 1,000,000 drachmas of damages (a considerable amount in those days).
  • 1955: The Greek air squadron that participated in the Korean War returns to Greece.
  • 1961: Ten men are put on trial in Thessaloniki charged with spying on behalf of Bulgaria.
  • 1973: The Greek military vessel "Velos" sails to Italy where its crew seeks political asylum from the military Junta that rules Greece.
  • 1986: The Greek Central Intelligence Agency (KYP) is renamed National Intelligence Agency (EYP).
  • 2006: Two F-16 fighter jets, one Greek and the other Turkish, collide in mid-air over international waters in the southern Aegean Sea. The Greek F-16 had been dispatched to intercept the Turkish jet because it had violated Greek airspace, according to the Greek Defense Ministry. The Turkish pilot ejected safely and was picked up by a merchant ship, while the Greek airman (Costas Eliakis) went missing despite a major rescue effort.