Michalis Sarris

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Michalis Sarris is a Cypriot politician who has served twice as Minister for the Economy of the Republic of Cyprus.

Sarris was born on April 14, 1946, in Lefkosia. He studied economics at the London School of Economics with graduate studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, United States, where he obtained his doctorate.

Sarris worked for the Central Bank of Cyprus, the Bank of Cyprus and, after 1975, for the International Bank.

He was appointed Minister for the Economy in September 2005, holding that post until 2008.

On October 13, 2011, Sarris was arrested in Turkish-occupied territories for "unnatural sexual relations with a minor". He posted bail of 120,000 Turkish Lira (around €47,000) on October 20 and was released. Sarris did not return to the occupied north to face trial.

On March 1, 2013, he was appointed by newly-elected President, Nikos Anastasiades once again Minister for the Economy.