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Women's Athletics
Silver 2000 javelin throw
Bronze 2004 javelin throw

Mirela Manjani (born December 21, 1976 in Durrës, Albania) is a Greek citizen - though Albanian ethnic - former javelin thrower. She was an athlete of Olympiakos Piraeus training under the guidance of Antonis Papadimitriou.

Born in Albania, she married Greek weightlifter George Tzelilis (born in Albania as member of the Greek minority, Jorgo Xhelili) in 1997 and thereby became a Greek citizen. She was known as Mirela Manjani-Tzelili until divorcing her husband in 2002. In 2004, she was awarded top honours as woman athlete of the year by the Panhellenic Sports Press Union.

She won a silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics with a personal best of 67.51m, and a bronze medal in 2004. She was also a European champion and double world champion.


Year Tournament Venue Result Notes
1999 World Championships Sevilla, Spain 1st 67.09
2000 Summer Olympics Sydney, Australia 2nd 67.51 PB / Greek record
2001 World Championships Edmonton, Canada 2nd 65.78
2002 European Championships Munich, Germany 1st 67.47
2003 World Championships Paris, France 1st 66.52
2004 Summer Olympics Athens, Greece 3rd 64.29

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