Modestos Panteli

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Modestos Panteli (Greek Μόδεστος Παντελή) was a member of the EOKA, the first casualty of the struggle against the British, on its first day: April 1, 1955.

Panteli was born in Liopetri, Ammochostos province, Cyprus, on December 16, 1923, the son of Pantelis Georgiou and Chionou Panteli. He joined the EOKA before the struggle began and was assigned the task of sabotaging the power station of Ammochostos on April 1, 1955, to black out that city as the first bombs of the struggle were set to go off.

Along with Andreas Karyos, Panteli attempted to bring about a short circuit by throwing a rope with a rock at its end, attached to a chain, over the barbed wire of the station. The first attempts to throw the rope over the wires were unsuccessful so Karyos carried Panteli on his shoulders to better throw the rope. This effort was successful, however Panteli was electocuted on account of the rope having gotten wet from touching the ground on the unsuccessful attempts.