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Moschato (Greek, Modern: Μοσχάτο, Ancient/Katharevousa: -on), older form Moschaton is a suburb in the south southern part of Athens, Greece. Phaleron Bay lies to the south in which between 2002 and 2004 extended land. The city is linked by the famous Poseidonos Avenue (GR-89 to the west and the superhighway GR-1/E75, GR-8/E94 for northbound lanes which now has easy access to the Peloponnese. Syngrou Avenue is accessed in the southeast. It is also located W of Athens, WNW of Syngrou Avenue, NW of Vouliagmeni, E of Piraeus and SE of Kifissou Avenue. The Cephissus river lies to the west and now flows underneath the superhighway. Another stream which has been known since the ancient times lies to the est and borders with Kallithea.

The area was made up of farmlands. Mixed farming was common. Urban development replaced much of the farmlands in the 1920s and the 1930s. Today, most of the municipality are urbanized or residential. The industrial area lies to the north. The Most of the industrial buildings and businesses along with shopping outlets are aligned within Poseidonos Avenue and other main streets. Moschato is linked with the ISAP station named the Moschato Station.

Moschato has several facilities which was used for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Including a large one in the middle of an interchange.

In 2002, the construction of the final phase of the superhighway to decongest Athens and have easy access to the Peloponnese began with several rainfalls occurring in September and the gates closed roads and cut off Athens and Piraeus. Buildings and businesses were flooded and damaged and basements were also flooded. It continued well into October. After a few months, the bridge was covering the river and the flooding of Moschato went to an end. The superhighway was opened in 2004 and formed the southernmost terminus in GR-1 and E75.


Moschato has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, banks, a post office and squares (plateies).

Historical population

Year Municipal population Change Density
1981 21,138 - about 10,569/km²
1991 22,039 901/4.26% about 11,019.5/km²

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