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The National Progressive Center Union (Greek Εθνική Προοδευτική Ένωσης Κέντρου), also known by its initials EPEK (ΕΠΕΚ), was a political party founded in January of 1950 by former general Nikolaos Plastiras. Its covered the centre of the political spectrum and had as its motto the single word "Change!".

In the March 5, 1950 elections, EPEK elected 45 MPs, polling 16.4% of the vote. It formed a coalition government, on April 15, with the Liberal Party of Sofoklis Venizelos and the Democratic Socialist Party of Georgios Papandreou. The government, under Plastiras, lasted until August of the same year.

Plastiras formed another EPEK - Liberal government on October 27, 1951. In 1952, in the midst of the crises caused by the Cold War and the Nikos Beloyiannis affair, many of its left-wing members left EPEK to form their own party under I. Sofianopoulos.

EPEK dissolved on March 4, 1953, as Plastiras health was failing.