Ethniki Kai Koinoniki Apeleftherosis

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Ethniki Kai Koinoniki Apeleftherosis (National and Social Liberation), also known by its initials EKKA, was the Greek resistance movement founded by Dimitrios Psarros during World War II, to combat the Germans.

Psaros founded the resistance group EKKA along with politician Georgios Kartalis, officers Dimitrios Karachristos, Dimitrios Georgantas and others. The organisation's aims were to fight the Germans as long as the occupation lasted and, after liberation, work for social change. EKKA had followers and were active mainly in Central Greece but on Easter Monday, April 17, 1944, were attacked by the Communist forces of ELAS who sought to have a monopoly in the political future of Greece after liberation. Psaros was captured, shot, stabbed and killed. Many of the members of EKKA were also captured and most of them tortured before they were killed and the organisation ceased to exist.