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Neapolis (Greek: Νεάπολη) is a suburban city in the Thessaloniki prefecture. The municipal population is 31,830 (2001 census). The land area is only 1.168 km², resulting in a population density of 27,252/km2 ,[1] making it the most densely populated municipality in Greece, and indeed Europe. Neapolis is located in the northwest sector of metropolitan Thessaloniki and the neighbouring municipalities are Polichni, Sykies, Thessaloniki and Ampelokipoi. There are 8 districts: Neapoli, Piropathon, Kato Anagennisi, Pano Anagennisi, Kountourioti, Troada, Riga Fereou, Ydragogio. The municipality has a summer theater, a theatrical school, a summer movie-theatre, a music school and a dance school. Also, there are a soccer field, a gymnasium and a swimming pool that can guest water-polo games.


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