Nikolaos Stratos

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Nikolaos Stratos was a Greek politician from Loutro, Aitoloakarnania prefecture.

Stratos entered politics as a venizelist and became Minister of the Navy. In 1913 he switched to the Laiko (Popular) Party of Dimitrios Gounaris. He became Prime Minister on May 16 (May 3 OS), 1922. He quit six days later after failing to get a vote of confidence in Parliament.

When the Laiko Party government was brought down after the Asia Minor disaster, Stratos, along with other members of the government, were put on trial for their role in this catastrophe. Six of them - among them Stratos - were sentenced to death and executed on November 28, 1922.

On October 20, 2010, the Supreme Court acquitted all six and cleared their name of all charges.

Nikolaos Stratos was the father of Dora Stratou, the famous choreographer.