Nikos Gounaris

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Nikos Gounaris was a Greek Elafro singer.

He was born in 1915 in Zagora, Magnesia prefecture and started singing in 1936 but hit his peak in the 1950s. He sang about the sad side of love, betrayed lovers, etc., often accompanied by the Trio Bel Canto. Gounaris toured the United States and was especially popular with Greek-Americans.

He died on May 5, 1965 of cancer.

Famous songs

  • Από τότε, την Άνοιξη - Since then, in Springtime
  • Αυτός ο άλλος - That other man
  • Γλυκά μου μάτια αγαπημένα - My sweet, beloved eyes
  • Είναι αργά πια τώρα να χωρίσουμε - It's too late for us to split up
  • Εκεί ψηλά στον Άη-Λια - On top of St Elias' hill
  • Ένα βράδυ που 'βρεχε - On a rainy night
  • Θυμήσου - Remember!
  • Κάϊρο - Cairo
  • Ο Βεδουίνος - The Bedouin
  • Ο κόσμος άλλαξε αλλάξαν οι καιροί - People changed, times changed
  • Όμορφη μου Αθήνα - Beautiful Athens
  • Που 'ν' αυτά τα μάτια; - Where are those eyes?
  • Σκαλί θα κατεβώ - I'll descend the steps
  • Σε είδα να κλαδεύεις - I saw you trimming the tree
  • Τρία χρόνια περάσανε - Three years have passed
  • Τώρα που σε γνώρισα - Now that I met you