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Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros (Greek: Νικόλαος Χαλικιόπουλος Μάντζαρος or Niccolo Calichiopulo Manzaro, (26 October 1795 - 12 April 1872) was a Greek composer born in Corfu and the major representative of the so called Ionian Islands school of music. He learned music in Corfu by the side of Pojago brothers, Stefano Moretti and a certain 'cavalliere' Barbati (possibly a Neapolitan) and already from 1819 he visited Italy, where among others he met Niccolo Antonio Zingarelli. Mantzaros composed the music for the first concert aria in Greek in 1827 ('Aria Greca'), as well as for the poem of Dionysios Solomos's Imnos eis tin eleutheria (Hymn to Liberty, 1828-1829) the initial verse of which was adopted in 1865 as the Greek national anthem. However, recent research has proved that Mantzaros had broader activities in composition, music theory and music aesthetics, which go beyond his unilateral connection to the setting of Solomos's poem.

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