Nikos Stavropoulos

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PAOK 1992 Greek champions

Nikos Stavropoulos is a former Greek basketball player for PAOK and a member of the National Basketball Team of Greece that won Eurobasket 1987.

Stavropoulos was born June 17, 1959 in Larisa where he started playing basketball for the local team. From there he "emigrated" in 1983 to Thessaloniki where he played for PAOK. His first appearance on the national team was on April 7, 1979 in a friendly match against England in Thessaloniki (100-79) when the coach was Dick Dukeshire. Over all Stavropoulos was capped 102 times, scoring 530 points.

Stavropoulos had two nicknames: Magic Stavropoulos when he did the most brilliant things (mostly and referring to Magic Johnson), and Tragic Stavropoulos when he missed the easiest throws and lay-up’s (rare and joking as the opposite of his Magic-ness).