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Panellinios Gymnastic Club (Greek: Πανελλήνιος Γυμναστικός Σύλλογος) is a pioneer sports club with a continuous presence in Greek athletics since 1891.


Panellinios was founded on February 10, 1891, by a group of 27 distinguished persons from Athens high society. The original idea for the club belongs to lawyer and gymnast, Nikolaos Kotselopoulos, who served as the first Secretary General. Ioannis Fokianos served as the first President.

In 1895, Panellinios acquired a gymnasium thanks to Prince George, who offered land at the corner of Alexandra Avenue and Patisia Avenue and several donors - Christakis Zografos, Nasos Zinis and others - who offered various sums for the structure to be built. The gymnasium was dedicated on January 7, 1895.

Panellinios' contribution to the 1896 Olympic Games cannot be understated:

  • Club representative, Dimitrios Vikelas, was the person who suggested Athens as the venue for the first Olympiad.
  • Club President, Ioannis Fokianos, was active during the Paris Olympic Conference in formulating the rules for each event, was a member of the Committee for the Preparation of Athletes and was Head of the Committee of Athletics and Gymnastics. For his contributions, Baron Pierre de Coubertin named him honorary Vice President of the Conference.
  • Several Panellinios Athletes competed in the 1896 Games and came away with medals.



Panellinios BC in the 1950s was a powerhouse not only in Greece but throughout Europe. They have won nothing since then but are currently competing in the top A1 Division.

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