Petros Fyssoun

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Petros Fyssoun was a Greek stage and screen actor.

Fyssoun was born in Agrinio, Aitoloakarnania on October 5, 1933, the son of a Russian emigre who settled in Greece after the 1917 October Revolution. Fyssoun attended the Drama School of the Art Theatre, graduating in 1954. Upon graduation, he played at the Art Theatre of Karolos Koun until 1956.

Fyssoun moved on to play in the National Theatre of Greece as well as in the cinema. He has tackled all roles: dramatic, tragic and comic and received many awards and recognitions during his career, including being named Best Actor in 1963 and 1964 by the Greek Cinema Festival.

Fyssoun died on December 5, 2016 at the age of 86.


  • Οι Παράνομοι - The Outlaws (1958)
  • Οι Υπερήφανοι - The Proud (1962)
  • Αδερφός Άννα - Brother Ann (1963)
  • Προδοσία - Betrayal (1964)
  • Διωγμός - Persecution (1964)
  • Η μοίρα του αθώου - The Fate of the innocent (1965)
  • Οι Ένοχοι - The Guilty (1966)
  • Ζεστός μήνας Αύγουστος - Hot month of August (1969)
  • Μαντώ Μαυρογένους - Manto Mavrogenous (1971)
  • Ο Άνθρωπος με το γαρύφαλλο - The man with the carnation (1980)