Petros Galaktopoulos

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Greco-Roman wrestling
Bronze 1968 70 kgs
Silver 1972 74 kgs

Petros Galaktopoulos is a former Greek Greco-Roman wrestler and wrestling coach.

Galaktopoulos was born on June 7, 1945, in Athens. He was champion of Greece (1965) and champion of Europe (1972).

Galaktopoulos won a bronze medal in the Olympics of Mexico City (1968) in Greco-Roman wrestling (70 kgs) and a silver in Munich in 1972 (74 kgs). He also won bronze medals in the World championships of 1970 and 1971, a silver medal in the Mediterranean Games of 1967 and a bronze in the European Games of 1976 to go with the gold he won in 1972.

After retiring, Galaktopoulos became the Greco-Roman wrestling coach of the Greek national team.

Did you know?

The bronze medal won by Galaktopoulos in the Mexico 1968 Summer Olympics was the only medal Greece won in that Olympiad.