Philios Philippides

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Philios Philippides

Philios Philippides was an actor. He was best known for his Agop (Hagop) comic character. He was born 1916 in Istanbul and died 1981 in Athens.

Philios Philippides was a self-taught actor and company leader of the musical theater (member of SEH in 1946). He first started appearring in Macedonia with amateur troupes, playing in operettas and revues. He first appeared professionally in 1934 to tour the troupe dressed I. P. Rougkeri.

He was also a painter.

Listen to a radio sketch comedy with Philios Philippides as Agop:
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  • Ekato chiliades lires (Εκατό χιλιάδες λίρες) as Agop 1948
  • Kerenia Koukla (Κερένια κούκλα) 1958
  • I ftochia thelei kaloperasi (Η φτώχεια θέλει καλοπέραση) as Agop Katrapakian 1958
  • Iroes tis gafas (Ήρωες της γκάφας) as Agop 1959
  • Allou ta kakarismata (Αλλού τα κακαρίσματα) as Onoufrios Agopidis 1960
  • O diaititis (Ο διαιτητής) 1963
  • O pseftothodoros (Ο ψευτοθόδωρος) as Prokopis 1963
  • Ton vrikane ton Panai (Τον βρήκανε τον Παναή) 1963
  • I Agapi mas (Η αγάπη μας) as Agop 1968
  • I Mnistires ths Pinelopis (Οι μνηστήρες της Πηνελόπης) as Iordanis 1968
  • Tosa oneira stous dromous (Τόσα όνειρα στους δρόμους) 1968
  • O Nautis tou Aigaiou (Ο ναύτης του Αιγαίου) 1968
  • Prokopis o ...aprokopos (Προκόπης ο απρόκοπος….) as Prokopis 1969
  • Alt kai sas efaga - edo Prokopis (Αλτ και σ’ έφαγα εδώ Προκόπης) as Prokopis 1969
  • I varoni kai o Prokopis (Η βαρώνη και ο Προκόπης) as Prokopis 1970
  • Piso kai sas fagame (Πίσω και σας φάγαμε) as Prokopis 1972

TV Series

  • I Themis echi kefia (Η Θέμις έχει κέφια) 1975 ΕΙΡΤ