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Philopoemen Finos was a Greek film producer, the founder of Finos Films.

Finos was born in 1908, in Kato Tithorea, Phocis in Central Greece. He studied Law but never practiced it as his drean had always been to produce films.

In 1939, he founded the "Greek Cinema Studio" which produced a single film: "Parting's Song" starring Lambros Konstantaras. During the German occupation of Greece, Finos' father was executed while his film equipment was seized. The newsreels he had produced were also confiscated and destroyed.

In 1943, Finos founded "Finos Films" on Stournara Street, Athens, which, in 1957, moved to Chios Street.

Finos produced 175 films during the golden era of Greek Cinema. He employed such stars as Aliki Vougiouklaki, Zoe Laskari, Rena Vlachopoulou, Martha Karayianni, Jenny Karezi, Georgia Vasiliadou, Dinos Eliopoulos and many others. He launched the career of Irene Papas, however, he did not spot the talent of Melina Mercouri and turned down an offer to produce her film "Never on a Sunday".

Finos produced his last film in 1977. By then, cinema in Greece had been on the decline and so was Finos' health. He died on January 27, 1977.

His films

  • Η Αλίκη στο Ναυτικό - Alice in the Navy
  • Μανταλένα - Mandalena
  • Οι κυρίες της Αυλής - The Ladies of the Court
  • Η κυρία του κυρίου - The Master's Lady
  • Το δόλωμα - The Bait
  • Η Θεία από το Σικάγο - The Aunt from Chicago
  • Κορίτσια για φίλημα - Girls for kissing
  • Μια τρελλή, τρελλή οικογένεια - A crazy, crazy Family
  • Τζένη, Τζένη - Jenny, Jenny
  • Νόμος 4000 - Law 4000
  • Ραντεβού στον αέρα - A Date in the Air
  • Στεφανία - Stephanie
  • Μαριχουάνα Στοπ! - Marijuana Stop!

and many others