Pineios River (Peloponnese)

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The Pineios (Greek: Πηνειός, also Pineus) is a river in Peloponnese, Greece. It is probably not named after the god Peneus. It flows from the mountain Erymanthus (Olonos), and empties into a bay SW of Gastouni connecting the Ionian Sea. The river flows through the southern half of the Ilia plain. The river passes through:

In ancient times, the river passed east of what is now Staphidokampos, the Andravida Military Airport, Lechaina, and the former wetlands, now drained for agricultural purposes, near Agios Panteleimonas.

In the 1960s, the government began building an earth-shaped dam named the Peneus Dam (Φράγμα Πηνειού Fragma Pineiou) to supply water for the north and much of Elia. This has flooded a couple of roads including those from Gastouni to Simopoulo, and from Borsi to Simopoulo which is now accessible over the earth dam. The direction is almost directly north to south. The water is not safe for drinking, because it contains some contaminants. The dam is considered the highest dam in Elia, but not the Peloponnese. The floodway length is nearly 1 km. It contains the prefecture's (then the Peloponnese's) longest suspended bridge which is suspended with concrete. Distance from Gastouni is 16 km, and Amaliada is nearly 20 km NE. The length of the road over the dam is nearly 2 km with a water control tower in the middle. Roads were remapped and now bypass Kentro. The population is around 200. The river is seldom dry but many of its tributaries during dry summers cease to flow.

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