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Savvas Kofidis is a former Greek football midfielder and coach.

Kofidis was born on February 5, 1961 not far from Alma Ata, USSR (now Almaty, Kazakhstan) and came to Greece at age 6. He started his playing career at Iraklis, where he played seven seasons before heading to Olympiakos. In 1992 he joined Aris, the crosstown rivals of Iraklis, where he played until he rejoined Iraklis in the 1996/97 season.

His three appearances at the 1994 World Cup rounded off his national team career, which lasted from 1982 to 1994, giving him 67 caps and 1 international goal (against Israel). He retired from playing football in 1999 and has since taken up coaching, with stints at Iraklis, SKODA Xanthi and again Iraklis.


Kofidis is married with two daughters and is a big fan of heavy metal music with dozens - if not hundreds - of CDs in his collection.

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