Stathis Pehlivanidis

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Stathis Pehlivanidis was a Soviet-Greek football forward of the 1970s - 1980s era.

Pehlivanidis was born in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, USSR on October 29, 1960. He was the son of Alkiviadis Pehlivanidis who played for Dinamo Tbilisi in the 1940s.

His best football years were spent at Kairat Alma Ata where he scored 94 goals in 273 appearances. At his prime, he was much-sought after by Greek clubs and especially Panathinaikos but there was no movement of players from the USSR to the West in those days.

After the fall of the USSR he did come to Greece and played for Levadiakos when he was already past his prime as a player. He still managed to score 10 goals in 25 games in the 1991 season.