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The Vale of Tempe (Greek: Κοιλάδα των Τεμπών) is the ancient name of a narrow valley in North Thessaly, Greece, through which the Pineios River reaches the Aegean sea. The vale is as narrow as 25 metres in some places and is 10 kilometers long. The cliffs reach 500 meters. It is between Olympus on the north and Ossa (Kissavos) on the south.

There are several myths associated with the vale:

  • Poseidon is said to have created it by striking his trident so the waters of the Pineios could escape.
  • The Muses lived by the Pineios.
  • Apollo chased the nymph Daphne through Tempe and defeated Darkness in the river.
  • Aphrodite would return to Tempe to regain her purity (a grand miracle indeed).

The area attracts many visitors on account of its breath-taking beauty.


The city of Tempe, Arizona USA is named for it.