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{{{name}}} Prefecture

[[Image:{{{image_map}}}|200px|Location of {{{name}}} Prefecture in Greece]]
Periphery {{{periph}}}
Capital {{{capital}}}
Population {{{population}}}

Ranked {{{pop_rank}}}
Area {{{area}}} km² Ranked {{{area_rank}}}
Population density {{{pop_dens}}}/km²

Number of provinces {{{provinces}}}
Number of municipalities {{{municip}}}
Number of communities {{{commun}}}
Postal codes {{{postal_code}}}
Area codes {{{area_code}}}
Licence plate code {{{licence}}}
ISO 3166-2 code {{{ISO}}}
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This template is under construction. It is meant to replace the infoboxes that are/were in use for prefectures of Greece.