The mother's curse

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The mother's curse (Greek Η κατάρα της μάνας), also known as The promise (Greek Η υπόσχεση) was a Greek film released in 1961.


Chrysa Gousia, a simple country girl, is attacked by a cattle rustler named Liakouras, whom she guns down after the attack. Her brother, Tasos Gousias, surrenders to the authorities taking upon himself the blame for killing Liakouras.

Six years pass and Tasos Gousias is released. Liakouras' three brothers and a nephew named Stamos go after him seeking vengeance for their kinsman's death.

Eventually, the authorities catch up with the Liakouras brothers, the truth comes out about the murder and Stamos Liakouras falls in love with Chrysa Gousia who learns once more to trust people.