The roundup

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The roundup (Greek Το μπλόκο) was a Greek film released in 1964.


The film is based on the roundup that took place in Kokkinia, Piraeus on August 17, 1944, during the German occupation of Greece in World War II.

German soldiers deploy in an unmentioned town in Greece in the wee hours of the morning.

Meanwhile, Kosmas - a blackmarketeer played by Kostas Kazakos - is celebrating his wedding to Antigoni (Xenia Kalogeropoulou) who is involved in the underground. He runs out of wine during the night and leaves the party with his friend, Andreas (Yiannis Fertis), to fetch some from the local tavern. At that point, the two friends realise that German troops have invaded their neighbourhood.

As dawn approaches, cars go around the area calling all men between the ages of 14 to 60 to report to the central square or be shot. The neighbours react differently to the announcement. Some hide, others acquiesce, Andreas and other members of the resistance decide to fight. The film ends with the scene at the town square where hooded collaborators pick out men to be executed from the crowd. Kosmas is forced to collaborate by a friend of his ("or else!") but finds the courage to snatch a pistol and shoot his friend, tearing off his hood and crying out to the crowd "I am not a traitor". For this act, he too is set aside and executed along with others by the Germans.