Uprooted generation

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Uprooted generation (Greek Ξεριζωμένη γενιά) was a Greek film released in 1968.


The film revolves around Vasilis Karatzoglou - a child who lost his family after the Asia Minor disaster of 1922. Little Vasilis is raised by an abusive alcoholic in Komotini until he runs away from home. He ends up in Athens where he is taken in by Manthos - an elderly Asia Minor refugee. Manthos raised the boy as his own and teaches him the art of playing the bouzouki. Soon, Vasilis is discovered and ends up playing in a tavern. His career takes off amid the war, German occupation and a tumultuous love affair. At the end, Vasilis overcomes the problems of life and, in the process, finds his lost sister and his mother.



The rather lengthy film (2 hours 43 minutes) was a big economic success due to the many hit songs it featured.