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Copyright status

Hi Irlandos, you're an admin over here, right? Over at the English Wikipedia, we were having a discussion about the copyright status of your site. From your "General Disclaimers" page, I take it that phantis articles are supposed to be under GFDL, so it would be legal for us at WP to take over material from you. Is that correct? Now, some people expressed concerns that the copyright conditions of phantis weren't expressed clearly enough. You can find the discussion at [1], you can reach me at my talk page at [2].

It appears that both sites may have been copying material from each other without proper attribution, maybe it would be good to come up with some practical way of mutually attributing such loans.

Fut.Perf. 09:59, January 22, 2007 (EST)

Hello, Fut.Perf., Our intention here at Phantis was indeed to create a free wiki, under GFDL, for yourselves - and anyone else - to freely use, copy, etc. At one point, it was brought to our attention that it was wrong for us to copy information from you without proper acknowledgement. We then created the "Credit Wikipedia" template which you may have noticed on several of our articles. Should you think that a better way exists, all suggestions are welcome. Hope this has been of help, if not, please contact Lazarus - the man who pays the bills around here - for further discussion. I will let him know you contacted me. Many thanks for doing so and I hope we may continue to aid one another in our ultimate goal which is to spread knowledge freely on the web - --Irlandos 11:33, January 22, 2007 (EST)

Thanks for your reply. To make transfer from Phantis to WP smoother, it would apparently help if you made your GFDL licensing more explicit. It was pointed out that for it to be formally reliable, you need to provide an actual copy of the GFDL text on your site, and it would also be nice if your articles themselves (somewhere in the footer of the html page) pointed to the GFDL.
The "Credit Wikipedia" thing seems fine to me, and as you may have seen I've created a counterpart "Template:Phantiswiki" on our side. However, there are GFDL purists who might insist that the transfer is only valid if a copy of the actual article history is stored at the new location. I'm personally not too enthusiastic about that idea, but the copyright mavens seem to want it that way... Fut.Perf. 11:57, January 22, 2007 (EST)

George Fteris

Hello, I have written an article on Wikipedia called George Fteris, and I have also put it on Phantis, as you have already saw. It is not done yet, but what does it need to be complete? Thanks, --Iliada 13:16, February 13, 2009 (EST)


What do you mean it bears the nae Akrogiali? I wrote the article, and I chose a random member from Phantis to help me transform it into Phantis format. I'd love to help more! --Iliada 10:24, February 17, 2009 (EST)


Can we change the name of the writer?