Yiannis Karabesinis

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Yiannis Karabesinis (alternative spelling Karambesinis) was a Greek composer, lyricist and singer of laika-gendre songs.

Karabesinis was born on November 29, 1931. By 1960, he was successfully appearing at a night club named "Paraskevas' Cave" which later was renamed "Tamba-Toumba" after one of Karabesinis' best-known hits.

His songs were sung by such singers as: Poly Panou, Michalis Menidiatis, Manolis Angelopoulos, Tolis Voskopoulos, Yiannis Dounias, Stratos Dionysiou and others.

He died on February 15, 2011.

His better-known hits

  • Αμφιβολία
  • Έμπαινε, Γιώργο, έμπαινε
  • Εσένα δεν σου άξιζε αγάπη
  • Έχω καρδιά μποέμισσα
  • Η ζωή χωρίς αγάπη είναι άδεια
  • Ταμπα-Τούμπα