Zacharias Papantoniou

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Zacharias Papantoniou (1877-1940) was a Greek poet and writer.

Papantoniou was born in Karpenisi, Evritania prefecture, Central Greece, in 1877. He studied medicine, art and literature in Athens. After his studies were over, he became a journalist and developed his writing skills in articles, poems, short stories. His poetry is characterised by simplicity, sentimentality and symbolism. In 1938, he was inducted into the Athens Academy.

Papantoniou also served as prefect ("nomarches") in Zakynthos, the Cyclades and Messinia and as director of the National Art Gallery. He died on February 1, 1940 in Athens.

His works

Poetic Collections

  • War Songs (1898)
  • Sparrows (1920)
  • Prose rhythm
  • Heavenly Gifts (1932)

Short Stories

  • Short Stories (1927)
  • The Horse
  • Sacrifice (1937)

Travel Guides

  • Mt Athos (1934)
  • Travel


  • The tall mountains (1918)
  • The dead man's oath
  • Otto and the romantic dynasty
  • Letters from Paris