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The Zosimas brothers (Greek: Ζωσιμάδες) were Greek benefactors and philanthropists of the 18th and early 19th century..

They were known as collectively as Zosimades [1] (Greek:Ζωσιμάδες) the plural of Zosimas. They were the nine children of Panagiotis Zosimas and Margarita Tsoukalas, all born in Ioannina, Epirus sometime between 1750 and 1766. Ioannis was the first son, and Michael the youngest, the others being Theodosios, Anastasios, Zois and Nikolaos. Their three sisters were Alexandra, Zoitsa and Angeliki.

At a young age, they realized that there were limited business opportunities in Epirus and migrated. Three settled in Livorno, Italy, and the other three settled in Nizna, Russia (present-day Ukraine). Subsequently they transferred the head office of the business in Moscow.

While the brothers were overseas, their sisters stayed on and lived in their house in Ioannina.

In 1786, Ioannis died in Nizna and the brothers constructed the church of Agios Ioannis there.

When Theodoros died in 1793, the brothers decided not to marry, in order to maximize their contributions towards Greece and Greek projects. In the following years, the brothers supported financially the publication of Greek literature and, in 1796, they contributed towards the publication of the books of Adamantios Korais. Without the "Zosimas brothers" Korais would have never succeeded.

Anastasios died in 1805, followed by Michael in 1809.

In 1827, Zois died in Moscow leaving Nikolaos as the only brother still alive. In 1828, on behalf of the 'Zosimas Brothers', he supported financial the construction of the Zosimaia School in Ioannina. The school was ready by 1833(?).

Nikolaos died February 24th, 1842, in Nizna.

Before he died, he donated money to the Ioannina Hospital, and his huge coin collection of over 12,157 antique Greek and Roman coins to the Greek Nation. He also donated books, money for those in need, etc.[2]

Nikolaos Zosimas was also one of the founders and original shareholders of the National Bank of Greece.


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