Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press Agency S.A.

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Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press Agency S.A. (ANA-MPA) was formed in 2005 after the Hellenic Parliament approved a bill for the merger of Athens News Agency with the Thessaloniki based news agency Macedonian Press Agency. The bill called for the creation of a new S.A. company under the title of Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press Agency S.A. (ANA-MPA S.A). The new company is under the supervision of the minister who has the responsibility for the press and mass media.

ANA-MPA collaborates with the international news agencies Reuters, AFP, DPA, ITAR-TASS and a number of national news agencies, as well as the EPA photograph agency.

All the ANA-MPA services are on-line, with an estimated 350 news items in Greek and 60-70 items in English updated daily. It also publishes an English 'Electronic Daily News Bulletin' containing all the Greek news. The ANA further has four data banks in Greek -- news, biographies of Greek and foreign personalities, election results and sports -- and a news bank in English (since 1992).

The ANA-MPA employs about 250 people, of which 180 are journalists. It has offices in Brussels, Istanbul, Nicosia and Berlin and correspondents in Washington, New York, Montreal, Melbourne, London, Paris, Vienna, Rome, Belgrade, Skopje etc.