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Phantis was introduced to the public on May 1, 1997. It was one of the first ever services dedicated to archiving and indexing web content related to Greece and the Greek diaspora -- or as we like to call it at Phantis: the Greek Cyberspace. Phantis is a private, independent initiative, with no affiliation to any political, local, state or federal government organizations.

About Phantis

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The Name

The name Phantis originates from the Greek word phantis (or fantis) (φάντης) for the Jack of playing cards. The spade () symbol was also used as part of the logotype to denote the Jack of Spades and the Greek phantis (or fantis) bastouni (Φάντης Μπαστούνι). The term fantis bastouni is used in Greek to describe something sudden and unexpected -- He appeared like a fantis bastouni (Jack of Spades) -- (εμφανίστηκε σαν το φάντη μπαστούνι). The term was used to try and describe the nature of the service -- something originating out of nowhere. Independent, yet powerful.

The screen captures to the right show what Phantis looked like when it was first introduced.

Contact Phantis

You can get in touch with Phantis with any one of the following methods:

By e-mail: Contact Phantis using the online Feedback Form

By telephone:
You can reach Phantis by dialing:
USA: 610-616-2906
Australia: +61-2-8005-4848
(when calling from outside the USA, keep in mind that we are on the -5:00 GMT time zone)

By postal mail
Send and inquiries to:

Decision Group, Inc.

c/o Phantis
925 Harvest Drive, Suite 270
Blue Bell, PA 19422


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Advertising on Phantis

Information on how to advertise your products or services to the Greek ethnic market through Phantis' services.

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