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The Social Security Institute (Greek Ίδρυμα Κοινονικών Ασφαλίσεων - IKA) is the largest Social Security Organisation in Greece. It currently covers 5,530,000 workers and employees and provides 830,000 pensioners with retirement benefits.

IKA was established in 1934 though its operations actually began in 1937. Its first Governor was Panagiotis Kanellopoulos. IKA's functions were to insure workers providing medical coverage and old-age pensions.

IKA covers those employed in Greece or those who work abroad for a Greek-based employer. It also covers those under commissioned work agreements who are not insured with any other main insurance agency.

IKA also covers certain groups of people who offer their labour to various employers at various times and whose insurance is realized through their unions or insurance associations, (e.g. porters, news-stand vendors, slaughterhouse workers etc.) or through special provisions (e.g. private nurses).

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