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Kataifi or kadaifi (Greek κα(ν)ταΐφι, Turkish kadayıf) is a dessert mafe from shredded phyllo.

It is found from the Balkans to the Levant, and is a feature of Turkish, Greek, and Levantine cuisine.

Kataifi is made by drizzling a row of thin streams of flour-and-water batter onto a turning hot plate, so they dry into long threads resembling Shredded Wheat. The threads are then collected into skeins.[1]

The threads are used to make pastries of various forms (tubes or nests), often with a filling of chopped nuts, like that used for baklava. A kataifi dessert is made by layering a mat of kataifi pastry, a filling of chopped nuts, then another mat of pastry. The pastries or dessert are painted with melted butter, baked until golden brown, then drenched in sugar or honey syrup.


Kataifi is derived from the Ottoman Turkish word قطائف [kadaif], plural of Arabic قطيفه qatˁiːfah 'velvet'. This word originally referred to a kind of crêpe which was later cut into strips resembling modern kadaif.

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