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The Zalongo Memorial
The Monastery at the foot of the Memorial

The Municipality of Zalongo, is located in northwestern Greece at Preveza, Epirus. The municipality's total territorial area is about 130.000 square kilometers with a population of 5.179. In the west, it extends to the beaches of the Ionian Sea, while in the east it reaches as far as the wetlands of the Ambracic Gulf. It is based in Kanali and it consists of 14 picturesque villages. The Mayor is Theofanis Mikroulis.

Zalongo in well known, not only for its great historical importance (the Dance of Zalongo, Ancient Kassope,the Castle of Riza),but also for its natural beauty (Artilithia,the forest of Lekatsa). In this area, more than 250 species of birds stay and reproduce. It is home to the greatest population of aquatic birds in Greece -approximately 120,000. The third biggest colony of silver pelicans in Europe is encountered in this area, while its waters are considered the best place for eels in Greece.

A monument stands on the cliffs of Zalongo as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Souliot women

In December 1803, the women of Souli became immortal when they danced their way over its cliffs rather than allow themselves fall into the hands of the Turks.

Towering at the edge of this historic rock is a colossal stone sculpture of the dancing women by Georgos Zongolopoulos (1954), which commemorates their heroism. And below it is the Zalongo Monastery (18th century) with a section of ancient polygonal wall a bit further to the Acst. South of this wall are the foundations of a peripteral 4th century B.C. temple, possibly dedicated to Aphrodite.

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