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Marina Tsintikidou, (Greek: Μαρίνα Τσιντικίδου), is a Greek fashion model and presenter who has appeared on the covers of numerous Greek fashion magazines such as MAX. She won the title of "Star Hellas" (Σταρ Ελλάς) in the Miss Star Hellas Pageant in 1992. She also carries the honor of being the third Greek contestant to win the title of Miss Europe (1992). She also represented Greece at the Miss Universe 1992 pageant in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tsintikidou was born in Thessaloniki in 1971. Aside from a modeling career, she also tried her skills in acting, appearing in various TV shows and movies as well as in the Greek version of the theatrical play Look Who's Here by British playwright Ray Cooney. She has also been a TV host and presenter on numerous programs featured on Mega Channel, ANT1 and Macedonia TV. She is currently romantically linked with Greek actor Aimilios Heilakis.


During the 2004 Summer Olympics, Tsintikidou was one of many celebrities to visit the official Coca Cola Water Plaza fun park, one of the most popular Olympic venues, which housed the sculpture "The Olive: The Tree of Athens", on which she and many other celebrities signed their named.

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