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Oropos or Oropus (Greek: Ωρωπός) is a Greek seaport town and community, on the Southern Euboean Gulf, in Attica, opposite Eretria. Oropos is located N of Avlona and Athens, E of Thebes and SE of Chalkida. Oropos is linked with the road linking Nea Palatia and Sikamino. Oropos is also linked with the service road which links with the GR-1/E75 at its nearest interchanges. The area around Oropos has farmlands with groves to the south and also with some mountains to the south. South of the superhighway is the Parnitha mountain. The town (pop. 860 in 2001) is the seat of government of the community, which also includes the villages of Kampos Oropou (pop. 237), and Platania Oropou (155). The community has a land area of 11.967 km² and a total population of 1,252 inhabitants.

Various businesses form the industry of Oropos, and agriculture dominates the farmlands.


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In ancient times, Oropos was a border city between Boeotia and Attica, and its possession was a continual cause of dispute between the two states; but ultimately it came into possession of Athens, and was always an Attic town, even during the Roman Empire. The actual harbour, which was called Delphinium, was at the mouth of the Asopus, about a mile (1.6 km) north of the city.

The famous oracle of Amphiaraus was situated in the territory of Oropus, 12 stadia from the city. The site has been excavated by the Greek Archaeological Society; it contained a temple, a sacred spring, into which coins were thrown by worshippers, altars and porticoes, and a small theatre, of which the proskenion is well preserved. Worshippers used to consult the oracle of Amphiaraus by sleeping on the skin of a slaughtered ram within the sacred building.


Oropos has a school and a lyceum or a middle school, a gymnasia or a high school, churches, a post office and a few squares (plateies).

Historical population

Year Population Change Communal population Change Density
1981 672 - - - -
1991 784 +112/+16.67% 924 - 77.2/km²
2001 860 +76/+9.69% 1,252 +328/+35.50% 104.6/km²


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