Alekos Hadjistavridis

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Alekos Hadjistavridis was a Greek football player of both the pre- and post-World War II eras.

Hadjistavridis was born in Istanbul in 1915 and moved to Piraeus in 1922 after the Asia Minor Disaster. He started playing for Keravnos Keratsini before transferring to Vyzantio Tambouria - a club in Piraeus' Third Division. From there he jumped to the big time and starred for AEK before World War II (1934 - 1940) and for Olympiakos after the war (1946 - 1950). He won a total of four championships in his career - two with each team - and scored 145 goals.

Hadjistavridis was capped twice by the National Football Team of Greece, scoring one goal. After his playing days was over, Hadjistavridis coached Olympiakos for six months in 1962.

He died in 1998.