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Argyroupolis or Argyroupoli (Greek: Αργυρούπολη/ις meaning "silver city"), is a suburb in the southern part of Athens, Greece. The Hymettus mountain is to the east and are mainly grasslands while forests are north of Argyroupoli. The nearest subway station is at Alexandros Panagoulis station. It serves access with the Attiki Odos (number 63), the Hymettus Ring to the north and Vouliagmenis Avenue to the west. It is located S of Athens, SE of Piraeus and NW of Sounio.

The area were made up of farmlands that were mainly pastures or groves. In the 1960s and the 1990s, urban development and a few businesses replaced much of the farmlands. Argyroupolis has no farmlands left. The nearest beach is in Alimos. Businesses are within Vouliagmenis Avenue to the west. Roads are partially lined from north to south. A major avenue is Cyprus avenue that houses many business and cuts the city in half from East to West. The second major avenue is Marinou Geroulanou that houses the major residential areas of the city.

Argyroupolis has schools, a few lyceums, a few gymnasia, banks, a post office and squares (plateies). In addition its has a state of the art Gymnastics complex. The city's athletic association is called A.O.N.A., meaning Athletic Association of Youth of Argyroupolis.

Argyroupolis is named after its counterpart in Northeastern Turkey, modern Gümüşhane. Gümüşhane translated means Argyroupolis or "silver city". It acquired this name from the many Pontic Greek refugees who settled from Pontus as a result of the exchange of populations after World War I. The majority of these refugees were from Gümüşhane. Argyroupolis resembles its Pontian counterpart. It is built on a plain with the Hymettus mountain to its North. Its Pontian counterpart is also built on a plain with the Pontic Alps to the North. The first church to be built in Argyroupolis was Αγία Βαρβάρα (Saint Barbara). Saint Barbara was the patron saint of the Pontian Argyroupolis.

Historical population

Year Municipal population Change
1981 26,108 -
1991 31,530 +5,422/+20.77%

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