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Alimos (Greek: Άλιμος), Latin and older form: Alimus, is a suburb in the south southwestern part of Athens, Greece. Alimos is also known as Kalamaki (Καλαμάκι). Poseidonos Avenue runs in the western part of Alimos. The Hymettus mountain is to the east and is mainly grassland while areas to the north of Argyroupoli are forested. The nearest subway station is at Alexandros Panagoulis station and is also accessed by a tramway which was constructed in the 2000s and opened in 2004. It serves as access with the Attiki Odos (number 63) to the east. Vouliagmenis is to the west. It is located South of Athens, Southeast of Piraeus and Northwest of Sounio. Alimos is located directly north of the old Ellinikon International Airport, which formerly served two entries and several Olympic venues including a basketball arena. The Saronic Gulf is located to its west.

Early in the 20th century the area consisted of farmland, primarily pastures and groves. In the 1940s and the again in the 1970s, urban development and businesses replaced much of the farmland, so that today, much of the area is urbanized. Business is concentrated in the south and along main avenues.

Alimos has schools, a few lyceums, a few gymnasia, banks, a post office and squares (plateies) including Agia Triada square. A marina is situated to the west serving tens of piers with up to 1,100 boats. The depth ranges from 2 to 7 metres.


The first settlements uncovered by archeologists in Alimos date back to the Neolithic period. The excavation site can be found in the region of Ano Kalamaki, right besides Vouliagmenis highway.

In antiquity, Alimos existed as fishing town on the outskirts of the city-state of Athens. Testament to its development during this period are the ruins of a small amphitheater, quite unusual in the ancient world due to its rectangular design. The theater can be found on Ancient Theater Street in Ano (upper) Kalamaki (just a few blocks away from the Neolithic site). It is noteworthy that, while the town is more closely associated with its ties to the sea, as "alimos" in ancient Greek means "belonging to the sea", the main archeological sites are situated at the farthest point of the Municipality from the shoreline.

The most significant historical affiliation of Alimos is that with Thucydides. Thucydides was born in Alimos and is often referred to as "Thucydides the Alimousian".

Historical population

Year Municipal population Change Density
1981 27,036 - 2,079.69/km²
1991 32,024 +4,978/+18.41% 2,463.38/km²

Twin cities

Alimos is twinned with the following cities:

  • Niš, Serbia

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