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Ilioupolis or Ilioupoli (Greek, Ηλιούπολις / Ηλιούπολη, meaning "sun city") is a suburb in the east southeastern part of Athens, Greece. The city is passed by a road that links to Katechaki and Vouliagmenis Avenue to the southeast and has three entrances and a street linking Elliniko and Vyronas along with Ymittos. It is located S of Attiki Odos (number 65) which is also known as the Hymettus Ring which opened in 2004 with the Katechaki interchange. It is also located ESE of Athens and SE, E and NE of Vouliagmenis Avenue. Ilioupoli can now be accessed by the nearest subway station, Attiki Metro with the Red Line in Alexandros Panagoulis named after Alexandros Panagoulis, since 2004. Prior to 2004 it was Dafni. The Ilioupoli subway station will be a future station of the Red line.

The area was made up of farmlands to the west and the central part and the rocky areas of the Hymettus to its east. Mixed farming was common in the western part. Much of the agricultural production that time was pastures and groves. Urban development replaced much of the farmlands in the 1930s and the 1940s. Today, from the western and to the east-cetnral part of the municipality are urbanized while the businesses are within its main avenues and streets. The forest of Hymettus lies to the northeast and barren land to its east. The barren extend to the southcentral part of the ranges of Ymittos. The residential streets that are aligned to shape like an oval almost the same as Sun City, Arizona. Ilioupoli has a total of five ovals with aligning five to six streets in a row. Four are in the northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast and one in the central part. The western part of the municipality is not made up of streets that are oval-shaped. Much of the industrial buildings and businesses along with shopping outlets are aligned within Vouliagmenis Avenue. It has several interchanges.

Ilioupoli has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, banks, a post office and squares (plateies), and the other five circles, each of which align the centre of the oval-shaped streets. Ilioupoli also has a junior basketball and soccer team named Ilioupoli.

Historical population

Year Municipal population Change Density
1981 69,560 - 5,350.77/km²
1991 75,037 5,477/78.74% 5,772.08/km²

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