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Ymittos (Greek: Υμηττός), is a suburb south of Athens, Greece. It is also a mountain which is located just east of downtown. For more on this mountain, see Hymettus. Ymittos Street, which is connected with Vouliagmenis Ave. and Olof Palme St in Zografou, runs through it. NE is the large campus of the University of Athens and Kaisariani. With a land area of 0.975 km², it is the second-smallest municipality in Greece (after Nea Chalkidona).

Until the 1920s, the area was partially forested and was an agricultural area, until suburban houses came in the early to mid 20th century. Now much of the area is urban. A couple of movies throughout the mid-20th century were filmed here.

Ymittos has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, banks, post offices and squares (plateies). In particularly there are three lyceums.

Historical population

Year Municipal population Change Density
1981 12,491 - 12,811.3/km²
1991 11,671 -820/-6.56% 11,970.3/km²
2001 11,139 -532/-4.56% 11,424.6/km²

North: Athens, Vyronas
West: Dafni Ymittos East: Vyronas
Southwest: Agios Dimitrios South: Ilioupolis Southeast: Ilioupolis

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