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Vyronas (Greek, Modern: Βύρωνας, Ancient/Katharevousa: Βύρων), older forms: Viron and Vyron is a suburb in the northeastern part of Athens, Greece. The city is named after Lord Byron, the famous English poet and writer, who is a national hero of Greece. It is located S of Attiki Odos (number 65), also known as the Hymettus Ring, which opened in 2004 with the Katechaki interchange. It is also located SE of Athens and E and NE of Vouliagmenis Avenue.

Vyronas started as a commune and later became a municipality.

The area was made up of farmlands to the west and the rocky areas of the Hymettus to its east ; urban development replaced much farmland in the 1920s and the 1930s. Today, the area from the western to the east-central part of the municipality is urbanized, while the businesses are within its main avenues and streets. The forest of Hymettus lies to the east.

Vyronas or Vyrona has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, banks, a post office and squares (plateies).

Sites of interest

Historical population

Year Municipal population Change Density
1981 57,880 - 6,288.6/km²
1991 58,523 +643/+1.11% 6,358.4/km²
2001 61,102 +2,579/+4.41% 6,638.6/km²

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