Aris Raptopoulos

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Aris Raptopoulos is a retired former Greek basketball player.

Raptopoulos was born in Port Teufik, Egypt in 1951. In 1961, his family returned to Greece, settling in Piraeus. Raptopoulos developed an interest in sports, trying out for swimming with Olympiakos and football with Panathinaikos. His next stop was basketball and the youth team of Pangrati BC in 1964.

Raptopoulos remained with Pangrati until 1975. He stayed out of basketball for three seasons as he was punished and, in 1978, returned to the sport with a new club: Olympiakos. His career there lasted until 1985.

Raptopoulos played 93 times for the National Basketball Team of Greece scoring 560 points.

After his playing days were over, he coached a number of clubs including Pangrati, Near East, Panellinios and Papagou.